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Operating Lamp

PINXING is one of the best selling operating lamp manufacturers and suppliers in China. With excellent customized service and safe technical service strength, we aim to provide different groups of users with higher quality operating lamp.
Operating lamp, also known as operating shadowless lamp, is mainly used in the operating room lighting, to help doctors in the operation, which reduces the risks of surgery!
Operating lamp is a lamp with special functions. The shape design and installation position of the lamp and the high standard sealing handle can effectively control the number of pathogens and can be disassembled and disinfected.
The operating lamp includes two series of integral reflecting operating lamp and hole type operating lamp. Hole type operation lamp also is cent letter lamp and single lamp two kinds of norms. It can guarantee the illumination brightness of the operating room, the operating room surgeon must be able to accurately distinguish the contour, color and movement, so the light intensity close to the quality of daylight is needed.
It is widely used in field module hospital, field operation vehicle,operation module,operation cabin of vessels and wardships.