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Bed Side Rail

PINXING is one of the best selling bed side rail manufacturers and suppliers in China. With excellent customized service and safe technical service strength, we aim to provide different groups of users with higher quality bed side rail.
The bed side rail on the side of the crib is to prevent people from turning over and falling out of the bed. There are 1 side, 2 side, 3 side, different bed sizes, ranging from 1.2m to 2m. Normally, bed side rail is made by environmental protectio material, which is very strong and very safe.
The support of bed side rail is strengthened thick steel plate qualitative material, this kind of material need not worry about to be able to produce bad effect to mattess, which is special strong and durable.
Bed rails or Hospital Side Rails serve a variety of functions: they can prevent bedridden patients and/or hospice patients from rolling or falling out of bed, and they can also provide support when you have difficulty getting into and out of bed or adjusting your position once in bed. Main features:
1.Universally match the hospital beds.
2.With lock or unlock.
3.Smooth surface.
4.Panel colors available.