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Manual Bed

PINXING is one of the best selling manual bed manufacturers and suppliers in China. With excellent customized service and safe technical service strength, we aim to provide different groups of users with higher quality manual bed.
Manual bed is mainly operated through the screw drive, drive connecting rod, crank mechanism to achieve the height of the bed, back frame Angle change! There are three screws in total, one to control the height rise and fall, and the other two to control the front and rear back frame respectively. The screw rod is connected to the handle at the end of the bed through a connecting rod.
Steel fence is adopted for the guardrail, which can shrink and fold, is convenient to operate, does not occupy the space, and at the same time achieves the protective effect. The caster adopts the middle control caster and connects the front and rear casters through the brake connecting rod, which can control the brake and orientation of the caster and facilitate the medical staff to move at any time and control the moving direction of the hospital bed.
The main structure parts of the bed frame should be white, the surface should be treated with powder spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.