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Classification of Caster Wheels
Jan 16, 2018

Classification of Caster Wheels

Caster Wheels

As a collective name, caster includes mobile caster (swivel caster) and rigid caster. Mobile caster is the so called swivel caster with special structure available for revolving 360 degree; while rigid caster goes without this structure, so it can't be rotated. Normally, this two kinds of casters are collaboratively used together. For example, the wheel barrow has two rigid casters in the front, while the other two near hand rail are swivel casters.

Caster can be classified regarding to different criterion.

By industry difference, casters can be divided into medical caster, industrial caster, supermarket caster, furniture caster, etc.

Medical caster is special designed to satisfy hospital's requirements on characteristic of light moving, flexible swerving, big elasticity, special ultra-silence, durable, anti-winding, chemical resistance, etc.

Industrial caster is mainly used as a kind of caster product in factory or machinery. It can be made with single wheels made by high-ranking imported reinforced nylon, super polyurethane or rubber. This kind of caster product is equipped with characteristic of strong impact resistance and intensity.

Supermarket caster is special designed to meet the characteristic of lightly and flexibly moving of shelves and shopping cart.

Furniture caster is made to be suitable for low center of gravity and higher load bearing required by the furniture.

By object classification:

1. Industrial caster: Caster for industrial use. There will be industrial rubber caster, industrial HDPE caster, industrial PU caster, etc. which can also be divided into light duty caster, heavy duty caster.

2. By application difference, casters are divided into civilian caster, industrial caster, etc. By loading capacity, there will be light duty caster, medium duty caster, heavy duty caster, extra heavy duty caster and special caster, etc. By functions, there are swivel casters, rigid caster, screw rod caster, brake caster (double brake caster, scaffold caster), damping caster, etc. While by material difference, there are conductive caster, iron core caster, plastic caster, stainless steel caster, high temperature resistance caster, PU caster, nylon caster, rubber caster, full iron caster, etc. If classified by bearing, there are bearing caster, quill roller caster, etc.

Nylon caster: including nylon caster, nylon gear, plastic nylon caster, PU nylon caster, iron core caster, nylong forklift caster, etc.

Swivel caster: including nylon swivel caster, PU swivel caster, plastic swivel caster, etc.

PU caster: Iron core PU caster, nylon PU caster, plastic core PU caster, aluminum alloy PU caster, skateboard PU caster, PU driving caster, PU forklift caster, PU damping caster, etc.

Rubber caster: including industrial rubber caster, Nanjing caster, air inflation caster, mining caster, iron core plastic caster, plastic core caster, aluminum core caster, splint rubber caster, straight hole caster, dome caster, flat caster, etc.

Cast iron caster: full iron caster, industrial full iron caster, dome full iron caster, flat iron caster, pulley wheel, pathway caster, door caster, etc.

Other products: Polyolefin high temperature resistance PF caster, Forced caster, anti-static caster, man-made plastic caster, forged steel caster, V groove caster, PP caster, PVC caster, aluminum core caster, etc.