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Classification of medical devices
Nov 26, 2018

Modern social medical technology is highly developed, and medical devices are becoming more diverse and specialized. But do you know how to classify medical devices? AMIS will introduce you to the classification of medical devices.

Basic surgical instrument

Including medical suture needles (without wire), basic surgical knives, basic surgical scissors, basic surgical forceps, basic surgical shackles, basic surgical needles and hooks.

Microsurgical instruments

These include microsurgical scalpels, chisels, scissors, forceps, forceps, clips, needles, hooks, and other instruments for microsurgery.

Neurosurgical instruments

These include neurosurgical intracerebral knives, forceps, brain spasms, brain hooks, scrapes, brains for other instruments.

Ophthalmic surgical instruments

These include ophthalmic surgical scissors, forceps, sputum, clips, hooks, needles, and other instruments for ophthalmic surgery.

ENT surgical instruments

These include otolaryngology knives and chisels, scissors, forceps, sputum, clips, hooks, needles, otolaryngology and other instruments.

Stomatological surgical instruments

Including oral knives and chisels, scissors, pliers, sputum and clips, hooks and needles, other instruments for the oral cavity.

Thoracic cardiovascular surgical instruments

Including thoracic cardiovascular surgery knives, surgical scissors, surgical forceps, hooks, needles, aspirator, and other instruments, etc.

Abdominal surgical instruments

Abdominal surgical scissors, pliers, hooks and needles, other instruments, etc.

Urinary anorectal surgery equipment

Urinary anorectal scissors, pliers, hooks and needles, other instruments, etc.

Orthopaedic (Orthopedic) surgical instruments

Orthopedic (Orthopedic) surgical knives and cones, scissors, pliers, saws, chisels, hoes, hooks, needles, active instruments, other instruments, etc.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Instruments

Gynecology with knives, scissors, pliers, sputum, clips, hooks, needles, and other instruments

Family planning surgical instruments

Family planning pliers, and other equipment, etc.

Injection puncture device

Burn (plastic) surgical instruments

Burns (plastic) with knives, chisels, pliers, files, clips, and other instruments

General examination equipment

Thermometer, stethoscope (no electricity), percussion hammer (no electricity),

Reflective device

Medical electronic equipment

For cardiac treatment, first aid devices, invasive electrophysiological instruments and innovative electrophysiological instruments, invasive medical sensors, non-invasive medical sensors, electrocardiographic diagnostic instruments, brain electrical diagnostic instruments, myoelectric diagnostic instruments, other bioelectric diagnostic instruments , electroacoustic diagnostic equipment, non-invasive monitoring equipment, respiratory function and gas analysis and measuring device, medical stimulator, blood flow, volume measuring device, electronic pressure measuring device, physiological research experimental instrument, spectral diagnostic equipment,

External counterpulsation and its auxiliary circulation device, sleep breathing therapy system, ECG electrode, 

ECG lead wire, etc.

Medical optical instruments, instruments and endoscope equipment

Ophthalmic optical instruments implanted in the body or in long-term contact, heart and blood vessels, invasive, endoscopic surgical endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, ophthalmic optical instruments, optical endoscopes and cold light sources, medical surgery and diagnostics Micro device,

Medical magnifier, medical optical instrument accessories and accessories

Medical ultrasonic instruments and related equipment

Ultrasonic surgery and focusing therapy equipment, color ultrasound imaging equipment and ultrasound intervention

, intracavitary diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic mother-infant monitoring equipment, ultrasonic transducer, portable ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic physiotherapy equipment, ultrasound auxiliary materials

Medical laser equipment

Laser surgery and treatment equipment, broken instruments, surgical instruments, weak laser external treatment equipment, dry color laser printer

Medical high frequency equipment

High frequency surgery and electrocoagulation equipment, electric ironing equipment, microwave treatment equipment, radio frequency treatment equipment, high frequency electrode

physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment, electrotherapy equipment, spectral radiation therapy equipment, high voltage potential therapy equipment, physiotherapy rehabilitation equipment, biofeedback instrument, magnetic therapy equipment,

Ophthalmic rehabilitation equipment, physiotherapy electrodes

Chinese medicine equipment

Diagnostic equipment, therapeutic equipment, Chinese medicine equipment

Medical magnetic resonance equipment

Medical magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI)

Medical X-ray accessory equipment and components

Medical high energy ray equipment

Medical Nuclide Equipment

Medical radiation protection products and devices

Clinical test analysis instrument

Medical laboratory and basic equipment

Extracorporeal circulation and blood processing equipment

Implant materials and artificial organs

Operating room, emergency room, medical equipment and equipment

Stomatological equipment and apparatus

ward care equipment and appliances

Disinfection and sterilization equipment and apparatus

Medical cold therapy, low temperature, refrigeration equipment and appliances

Dental materials

Medical hygienic materials and dressings

Medical suture materials and adhesives

Medical polymer materials and products