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Home care bed how to buy
Nov 25, 2016

1. the care bed stability. General care beds are for guests with reduced mobility, the bedridden patient. This bed safety and stability put forward higher requirements. At the time of purchase must allow the other side to produce a product in the food and drug administration of a registration certificate and production license. This ensures the nursing bed medical care safety.

2. practicability of the nursing bed. Nursing bed has electric and manual-manually apply to short-term care needs of patients. Power suitable for bedridden patients with reduced mobility in the home family. Can provide patients with a more comfortable bed not only environmental, but also provide great convenience for caregivers.

3. the economy of nursing beds. Electric nursing bed is stronger than in the practical manual nursing bed, manual nursing bed prices several times (four thousand or five thousand) and even some featured prices can reach hundreds of thousands of. The gap this factor when purchasing lots of customers.

4. nursing bed single shake 20 percent, two shakes three folded, this applies to some fracture of convalescent patients, and health care for bedridden patients. And facilitates special patients ' sleep, study, entertainment and other needs.

5. nursing bed with toilet and wash washing devices, wet alarms, these devices help to patients in the usual number of self care and incontinence patients and nursing care of patients with defecation.