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hospital casters wheels made in china
Jan 16, 2018

hospital casters wheels made in china

We are talking about most popular medical casters in current market.

1: hospital bed casters wheels ; The caster are with metal frame,and precision ball bearing on the swivel portion. But with plastic cover on the outside. Fashion design and good price make it’s No1 popular in Middle grade hospital furniture area.

2:Full Plastic medical casters : Difference to the plastic cover caster,this caster are with Polyamide fork,And much better quality TPR wheel. They can used as hospital bed casters,medical device casters,laboratory casters, good performance in shock absorbing and noise reduce.

3:Hospital casters with metal frame. This is very common casters. Metal frame with TPR tread wheels.Can be used on transport trolley,hospital trash cabinet casters.

4:Twin wheels medical caster : we named it twin wheels medical caster,because the caster have two piece wheel joint by a connect shaft. With Polyamide frame and TPR tread. Usually used as hospital trolley casters,hospital cabinet casters, hospital stool / chair casters.

5:Single wheel central lock casters: The caster with central lock,make it possible to handle whole 4 casters with one centralized paddle. Easy operate,reliable quality. And it’s mostly used as operate table caster, operate bed casters.

6:Dual wheels central locking casters: For this kind of caster,the common size is 5inch x 60mm and 6inch x 85mm wheel.Same as the single wheel central lock casters,It’s also used as operate table caster, operate bed casters, but could load heavy duty.

Due to fitting vary mounting method equipment, they could be match,several kind of mounting top: Swivel,Fixed,Plate,Thread stem,Bolt Hole,Central lock stem......