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Hospital Stretchers wil be in a large need in future.
Jan 24, 2019

Transport equipments that are used for the safe transportation of patients within a healthcare setup are known as hospital stretchers. At present, the healthcare sector uses hospital stretchers as examination desks, surgical platforms, medical inspections, and even as hospital beds. A surging geriatric population and widespread prevalence of chronic disorders are responsible for the rapid growth of the global hospital stretchers market. Escalating number of hospitalizations also has a direct and positive impact on the demand for hospital stretchers.

Product-wise, this market is categorized into radiographic stretchers, bariatric stretchers, fixed height stretchers, adjustable stretchers, and others. The rapidly growing obese population will drive the demand for bariatric stretchers in the global market substantially during the forecast period. With a weight carrying capacity of up to 700 pounds, bariatric stretchers are specially created for obese people.

The overall demand for adjustable stretchers is also anticipated to surge over the next couple of years owing to high demand for automated and innovative hospital stretchers. Moreover, the growing popularity of adjustable stretchers can be attributed to the ease of operation that these provide to the providers of healthcare services.