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How to select soft and hard caster wheels?
Jan 16, 2018

How to select soft and hard caster wheels

Hard tread casters suitable for softer or smooth ground exercise, while the soft tires on a hard surface or a rough surface rolling will be more flexible, including most outdoor ground.

When selecting the wheels we need consider all working conditions,such as uneven ground, sinks, threshold, dock planks. The wheel More bigger and soft , will be running more easy ,in the case of rail rolling or similar ground.

Soft tread wheels can also protect against damage. Especially Thermoplastic Rubber wheel, And High elastic rubber caster wheels,They does not produce noise can protect the ground very well,for example our TPR caster wheel,because of their soft tread and low noise,they widely used as medical caster wheels,hospital caster wheels,stretcher caster wheels and some other medical equipment casters.

Any way as normal the hard tires can load more heavy weight.They usual used as industrial caster wheels,heavy equipment casters,plant trolley caster wheels.