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Manufacturer medical bed medical bed and home bed what are the differences between
Nov 25, 2016

People in the hospital, all because of suffering from certain diseases of the body, needs surgery or long-term needs to be nursed back to health, such as hospitals, if is and our home bed hospital beds are the same, will cause a lot of inconvenience for medical beds compared to home bed, there are a lot of differences.

Medical bed manufacturer first for hospital medical beds, he indicated some of the features, such as double bed, three-bed, or is multifunctional medical beds and other State functions. Hospital beds also has basic functionality.

First, the bed tailgate can quickly demolished. This is for the convenience of doctors and nurses in emergency situations to quickly check the bed plate to the end to save the patient. Second, guard rail, medical medical beds require guardrails must be strong, and to be able to very easily pull up or down.

The third wheel, especially in seriously ill patients using beds, with special emphasis on casters flexibility because many critically ill patients in emergency situations when there is no body move, is to leave bed to the emergency room and other places. Problems with this time if the casters are deadly. More than is characteristic of medical health.

Opinion, medical beds and home bed the biggest difference lies in its powerful functionality. For patients, it is more convenient to use. Especially in patients with reduced mobility, through the bed is able to alleviate many of our human harm to the patient.