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Medical bed should have what kind of performance
Nov 25, 2016

While a single combination of features implement complex functionality, testing the tensile strength and tear strength of the material, a variety of optional sensors.

Pathological parameters used to measure a patient's body and transmitted to the processing end of the health care. When used to remove plastic bags to keep the environment through

Dry cool.

Prevent the mattress from moisture, such as the patient lies in bed drain problem solving, change the elevation of the back panel or the left and right side of the bed in order to obtain

Comfortable posture.

To turn the mattress used on a regular basis, you can flip or tail switch and choose to represent samples tested under dry and wet high


Cleaning to clean urinals and other nursing staff, avoid prolonged sitting at the edge of the mattress, or let the children jump on the mattress to avoid partial compression, metal fatigue elastic four-roll plate bending machine.

Medical bed manufacturers in the production of medical beds in order to make consumers more comfortable lying on the bed, the bed has a variety of tools, capable of independent operations, very convenient, not because of some mechanical impact overall.