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Medical beds in operation when using what should be paid attention
Nov 25, 2016

You can see a lot of people in the hospital, and hospital medicine is a very annoying thing, and sometimes patients, medical bed is not enough, then we have to medical bed manufacturers custom, should pay attention to when using it?

Energy bed is double locking plug-type, comes with anti-fall, big bed, small is a bed, please pay attention to distinguish. Casters are on the legs of the bed needs to be installed, press brake lock before installation install, installed so as not to rotate it. When the foot-bed movements, first light up the foot-bed and lift the control handle to prevent broken handles.

Whole grains was one of a lot of people are very fond of food, eating whole grains have a lot of good to people's health, is one of the most nutritious foods, but eating whole grains there should pay attention to drink plenty of water, people eat whole grains in moderation or you will cause bloating, indigestion and other diseases.

Most of the grains are not only rich in essential amino acids and high quality protein and also contain minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, rice, flour, whole grain carbohydrate than refined grains, high dietary fiber content, more prone to feeling full after eating can reduce calorie intake, weight loss effect. FAO recommends that healthy regular diet should contain 30~50 grams fiber.

Good health care can provide patients with a good rest and good rest to get better health so that your body will recover faster, so choosing the right medical bed is important, medical bed price ratio is much better.