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Purchase of medical equipment should pay attention to what is
Nov 25, 2016

Is no less in a hospital medical beds and medical equipment, they were able to rescue patients from pain. Now on medical bed manufacturer of medical devices on the market are many, but also on the quality aspects are very different, but life is not a joke, so someone will ask what selection you can select a good product, here's said buying medical devices should keep in mind is what

Consumers in purchase medical devices products of when, first, to look the enterprise whether made medical devices business enterprise license and license; second, to see about medical devices products whether has stamped the products production units Red Seal of medical devices products registered card of copies; third, see about the products outside packaging of registered card,, and specifications model whether and registered card consistent, see about the products whether has qualified proved, products manual Shang whether has products of main structure, and performance, and applies range, and Contraindications, precautions and other contents of the warning or prompt, using the valid product, term of validity should be marked on the packaging.