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Nursing Care Bed
Jan 08, 2019

A nursing care bed (also nursing bed or care bed) is a bed that has been adapted to the particular needs of people who are ill or disabled. Nursing care beds are used in private home care as well as in inpatient care (retirement and nursing homes).

Typical characteristics of nursing care beds include adjustable lying surfaces, adjustable heights up to at least 65 cm for ergonomic care, and lockable castors with a minimum diameter of 10 cm. Multi-sectioned, often electronically powered lying surfaces can be adjusted to fit a variety of positions, such as comfortable sitting positions, shock positions or cardiac positions. Nursing care beds are also often equipped with pull-up aids (trapeze bars) and/or [cot side|cot sides]] (side rails) to prevent falls.

Thanks to its adjustable height, the nursing care bed allows for both an ergonomic working height for nurses and healthcare therapists as well as a range of suitable positions allowing easy access for the resident.