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The medical industry also continues to progress
Nov 25, 2016

Buy medical products are mainly hospitals, door-to-door sales are some of the medical manufacturers, hospitals understand channels are limited, if the health care industry to the development of e-commerce, hospital choice too much.

Only chain drugstores can now bid online trade qualifications, classified management of medical devices under its bid for B2C e-commerce business or would apply independently. Because of the high threshold, over nearly eight years have cleared more than 100 online pharmacy (medical devices), separate operating companies cannot bid for device qualification of medical devices, and a lot of it was nearly two years before approval, which to a certain extent, affect the pharmaceutical industry development process.

State food and drug administration of an important part of the research is to reduce online pharmacy (pharmaceutical business) the approval threshold, only chain drugstores can establish online pharmacy terms may be modified or cancelled. Research there is the question of whether the list of medical devices, medical device companies can bid on its own online trading qualifications, to promote the development of medical devices.

In the future development of our businesses will continue to develop, medical device for specific information on the Internet could be listed in detail, so that consumers can choose for herself, you can also shop around on the Internet and order medical bed manufacturer directly after delivery.