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The usefulness of medical beds design
Nov 25, 2016

1) frame for high quality stainless steel double-layer welding. Bed with popular network structure, permeability is good, strong and durable.

2) after pickling and phosphorization electrostatic spray surface treatment, aesthetic appearance.

3) bed, bed end by the environmental engineering of wood molding, beautiful appearance and handling ease.

4) finger protection barrier for Korean aluminum alloy folding Rails.

5) casters stainless quiet caster, 4 wheel brakes, stability, reliability, elegant appearance.

6) dining table is made of ABS material, strong and hard.

7) power up feature: back in the 0-85 range of freedom rose.

8) electric legs feature: patients can sit up the lower leg bent, feet, feet on the bed. Angle can be 0-85