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Transparent Caster Wheels Quality Inspection
Jan 16, 2018

Transparent Caster Wheels Quality Inspection

This kind of transparent caster wheels are very popular And firstly invented .They are special used for Medical Casters.

And as a buyer how to judge such Translucent Clear Casters quality?

1, High quality transparent wheel should be totally clear without  any air bubble. ( The air bubble can see clearly from outside that will effect wheel's beauty )

2, To test the metal brake portion,to make sure the brake are installed tightly on the wheel fork frame.

3, Check the stamping edge of the wheel frame and mount plate. ( High quality wheel frame punch edge must be looks very smooth)

4, Make sure the Chrome plated surface are smooth and shiny.

5, Install the caster wheels to same weight object as your medical equipment to make sure it can running flexible.