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Variable Height Feature of Hospital Beds
Feb 11, 2019

Pinxing considers hospital beds with a manual or electric variable height feature medically necessary DME for members who meet the criteria for hospital beds and who have any of the following conditions:

1.Severe arthritis and other injuries to lower extremities (e.g., fractured hip, where the variable height feature is necessary to assist the member to ambulate by enabling the member to place his or her feet on the floor while sitting on the edge of the bed); or

2.Severe cardiac conditions, where the member is able to leave the bed, but who must avoid the strain of “jumping” up and down; or

3.Spinal cord injuries (including quadriplegic and paraplegic members), multiple limb amputees, and stroke members, where the member is able to transfer from a bed to a wheelchair, with or without help; or

4.Other severely debilitating diseases and conditions, if the member requires a bed height different than a fixed height hospital bed to permit transfers to chair, wheelchair, or standing position.

5.A variable height hospital bed is one with manual height adjustment and with manual head and leg elevation adjustments.