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What do medical bed structure design
Nov 25, 2016

In the medical device, the product is very much, but are important and each is not small, such as hospital beds, hospital is needed, also has wheels, patient case directly into the operating room.

Medical beds, is the abbreviation of private hospital beds, in hospitals, nursing homes, community outpatient clinic beds places a bar stool products. Medical bed production strictly in accordance with the national standard, but the function and structure of the single, meet the needs of all medical institutions, but are not suitable for household use. Medical bed body structure includes: bed, bed, bed legs, accessory structures, including: casters, screws, Rails, tables, mattresses, infusion stand, etc. Medical with bed by rigid bed frame and bed Panel composition, bed Panel and by back Board, and sat Board and feet bent Board three part composition, its features is back Board, and sat Board and feet bent Board activities joins, back Board and sat Board of joins hinge fixed in bed frame Shang; back board Xia installation has rigid bracket, bracket handover at connection bracket lifting institutions, seat Board Xia installation has straight rod bracket, straight rod bracket end connection straight Rod lifting institutions. By the mechanical movement of the lifting mechanism, you can drive back plate and seat plate, feet bend plate of rise and fall, nursing bed can easily be adjusted to make the person leans, the status of the knee, making the patient more comfortable, reduce nursing personnel's labor intensity, and if the switch part of lifting machinery by remote control, can reach a patient's self-care.

Medical bed suppliers for the design of the structure was very understanding, are certainly more than ordinary beds, to make the patient more comfortable lying, are medical institutions are required to meet standards.