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What is the hospital bed production standard?
Nov 30, 2018

What is the hospital bed production standard?

(1). Material: the complete set of relevant documents should be required for material factory, for ABS and other materials do not advocate use the recycling and processing ABS materials. And the material factory well documented is required.

(2). Electric hospital bed size: hospital bed size are mainly designed according to the census published by the country every few years, such as the average weight and height, manufacturer will adjust hospital bed’s length, width and other specification according to above data. Such as Mingtai hospital bed, it products has high load, all parts can be adjusted and stretched to meet the needs of the vast majority of patients.

(3). Production related process: according to the relevant regulations, rigorous process of rust should be done for electric hospital bed’s steel pipe, if the operation is not rigorous, it will seriously reduce the service life of the electric hospital bed.

(4). Spray work: in accordance with relevant provisions, electric hospital bed must be sprayed three times, this is to ensure that the spray surface can be firmly attached to the surface of the electric hospital bed, will not fall off in a short time. Our operating light, hospital bed, operating table and other metal parts are mostly electrostatic spraying and plating process, with fresh and clean appearance.