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Nuring Bed Safe And Easy To Use
Jun 12, 2017

The Nuring Bed is specially designed for the convenience of nursing patients, and this Nuring Bed relieves the burden of caregivers to a large extent, especially in the cities where life is high, people are busy with work every day. Young people can stay around the patient all day. Even if some elderly people can keep around every day, but the elderly did not so much effort. Nuring Bed can easily solve these problems, even if the elderly can also use the rocker easily shake a heavier weight of the patient. The following are the same as the 

There is a single shake type Nuring Bed, double shake Nuring Bed, the so-called single-shake is the back can shake or back legs can shake a certain angle. So the patient easy to eat in bed, watching TV, reading, or a long time to sit up to ease the fatigue and so on. There are mouth with a mouth Nuring Bed, this bed for incontinence of patients, or systemic or paralyzed patients. This bed of care needs a special mattress with a mouthpiece. And then there is the bed can lift the nursing bed, there are fence can easily fold the Nuring Bed, the two Nuring Beds are for the convenience of patients go to bed out of bed design. Bed can be lifted to solve the patient due to personal small and the body is not convenient to bed problems. But now the bed can lift the nursing bed price of 4,000 yuan or more. The following are the same as the "

And then have to talk about electric Nuring Bed. This Nuring Bed patient can sit on the bed to operate, all the remote control operation. Including sitting, and bed lifting function. The patient's day's range of activities and contact people are relatively small. A long time, very affect their emotions. With the electric Nuring Bed, may help them to resolve the bitterness of life, is the future development of an inevitable trend of nursing beds.

The standard manual Nuring Bed must be made with the following conditions:

First, the manual Nuring Bed according to the basic technical specifications can be divided into:

1, manual three shaker specifications commonly used specifications as: 2150 * 1000 * 520 / 720mm.

2, manual double shaker specifications commonly used specifications as: 2150 * 1000 * 520mm.

3, manual ordinary bed specifications commonly used as defined as: 2020 * 900 * 500mm.

Second, the main technical parameters of manual Nuring Bed indicators:

1, three shaker, double shaker and ordinary bed shape to be neat, the surface must not have edge edge, welding should be solid, the weld should be smooth and uniform;

2, bed bending at the pipe diameter should be smooth spray spray layer should be smooth and smooth, uniform color;

3, bed and bed frame assembly should be fixed firmly, not loose. Handle flexible, when not in use can be folded back;

4, three shaker back bed adjustable range: 80 ° ± 5 °, thigh adjustment range: 40 ° ± 5 ° and the overall range: 520 ~ 720mm; double shaker back bed adjustable range: 80 ° ± 5 °, thigh adjustment range: 40 ° ± 5 °; ordinary bed that is fixed height of 500mm or so.

Use method to fold

1, position adjustment: grip head control handle, so that the gas spring to lift the lock, the piston rod out, while driving the head bed slowly rise, rose to the required angle, the release of the handle, bed that Locked in the position; the same grip grip and downward force is reduced; thigh bed surface movements by the thigh bit handle control; foot bed movements by the foot control handle control, when the grip, so pull Pin from the positioning hole, by the weight drop, to the desired angle, the release of the handle is the foot bed 12 is locked in the location; coordination of the use of control handles and crankshaft, the patient can get from supine to half- Curved legs, sitting, sitting in a variety of posture position. In addition, the patient in the supine state, if you want to side, first side of the small bed to pull out, turn the side of the fence, one hand press the bed outside the control button, so that the side of the gas spring to lift the lock , The piston rod out, while driving the side of the bed slowly rising, rose to the need for angle, release the control button bed that is locked in the position, from the side to complete the side position. Note: Reverse use the same operation.

2, the use of the solution device: clockwise rotation will solve the handle, the hole cover automatically open, while the toilet carrier automatically sent to the patient under the hip, the patient can be toilet or wash the lower part, counterclockwise rotation solution handle, Then the cover closed and the bed to keep flush, while the potty automatically sent to the operator side, so that caregivers took away the cleaning, cleaning the potty back into the potty carrier for the next use.

3, the care of the use of the fence of the fence side of the side of the fence, vertical up about 20 mm, down 180 degrees, you can put down the fence, the patient went to bed, the fence up to 180 degrees, vertical press Can be completed side fence rise. Note: Foot guardrail use the same method.

4, the use of life table: the living table on the back of the plastic pieces of the opening of the side of the fence on the side, can be pressed. One hand to suppress the fence, the other hand lift up the living table, you can remove.

5, the use of infusion hanger: regardless of the bed in any state, can use the infusion stand, the use of infusion rack, the first two infusion rack twisted into a, and then the bottom of the infusion stand hook, At the same time will be above the hook head on the side of the fence above the tube can be used to reduce the hole, up to mention the infusion hanger that is removed.

6, the use of brake: foot or hand brake when the brake brake, lift to release.

7, the use of seat belts: When patients use the bed or need to change the position of the state, must be a good seat belt, (seat belt tightness according to the individual appropriate adjustment), to prevent danger.

8, foot device operation: When the foot level of the bed, adjust the thigh bit handle, lift the chest bed, to prevent the patient fall; grip the foot control handle, the foot bed to the appropriate location , Turn the foot of the activity board, and then shake the thigh bit crank to keep the level of the activities of the board to keep the level, put the basin, you can feet. When washing the feet, remove the basin, put the foot activity board, reset to the original place. Hold the foot control handle, lift up the bed to the horizontal position.