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Pediatric Bed With The Characteristics Of Environmental Protection And Safety
Jun 12, 2017

The Pediatric Bed is the bed in which the baby is born, and this Pediatric Bed is your baby's warm little nest. The bed is both practical and safe for both children and parents. Even when the baby sleeps, don't worry about falling. At the same time, there is plenty of room to play on the bed.

Infancy should be from the birth of the baby, give him a special place to decorate. Metal material on the small bed is very strong, but the texture is not good, cold and too hard, not suitable for the baby, wooden bed is ideal, both strong and gentle. Natural materials, environmental protection process design, in keeping with the wear-resistant treatment, environmental paint processing, so that the wooden bed has a green, safe characteristics. Even if the baby's mouth touches the bed, there is no harm to the baby's body, protecting the baby's health. Design the baby skin feminine, immature, so must pay attention to detail, fully take into account the physiological characteristics of the baby, every corner of the bed should be the edge of the grinding process treatment, the bed should be solid and flexible, so as to better support the baby's body, to ensure that they provide a higher quality of sleep. As parents, the most important thing is to purchase a eligible beds for children. After strict selection and quality control of the wood, using digital computer programming equipment processing methods to ensure the stability of the bed, improve the quality of the bed. Infants grow rapidly, if the bed is too small, with 1 years or so will be eliminated, very wasteful. If the bed is too big, and can not ensure the safety of the baby, choose a can adjust the length of the bed, at any time according to the growth of the baby to adjust, both economic and practical. The Pediatric Bed should have a roller and a rocking function, it can play a role in soothing the baby, but also for parents to provide convenience.

I. Infancy

Furniture Features: Comfort, safety, health

Functional requirements: comfortable sleep and active space

Children need careful care in infancy, according to the designer, Mr. Wang introduced, for babies to buy furniture when the baby must pay attention to the baby bed guardrail and corner design should be rounded corners, so as to avoid bump to the baby. There should be a sliding wheel under the bed so that the baby bed can be moved at will,Pediatric Bed so that the parents may care for the baby. The best material for solid wood, with good environmental protection functions.

II. 3-5-year-old

Furniture Features: Cheerful color, fun

Functional requirements: Emphasizing the function of admission

From the furniture Association Han Young there learned that this age of the baby in a lively and active stage, a lot of toys, so children's furniture first to emphasize the admission function. Gorgeous and vibrant color will make the baby feel very cordial, chic patterns and modelling will make them feel mysterious and interesting, to provide the baby with a childlike imagination space.

Three, 6 years old-7 years old

Furniture Features: Complete function, rational use of space

Functional requirements: Take into account the two functions of entertainment and learning, prepare for school

According to the head of the children's furniture monopoly,Pediatric Bed as preschool children should cultivate their own learning habits, so the desk is indispensable. If children's room is limited, then the combination of children's furniture is a good choice.

Four, 8 years old-10 years old

Furniture Features: Reading function, emphasizing safety

Functional requirements: Each function has a variety of hobbies

Children's Furniture Monopoly guide said that the 8-year-old children have begun to go to school, can live independently, first of all the height of the desk to meet their physical needs, in order to better cultivate their ability to live independently, they should set up a wardrobe. At this age they have a wide range of hobbies, so they need bigger cabinets to incorporate their toys and models.

Five, 10 years old-12 years old

Furniture features: Increased comfort, emphasis on learning function

Functional Requirements: Reasonable planning and admission of space, to help children live their own

It is reported that the low number of open wardrobe is very suitable for children to use, the most in line with their height. With the increase of knowledge, bookcase in this period is the children's room indispensable. At this age, children have their own gender characteristics, so the girl's children's room can be paired with a dresser.

A child's bed is the first piece of furniture for a child. Buying a Pediatric Bed is exciting, but some things have to be considered before buying. Children's bed is the only place where you can temporarily put your baby on one side. For this reason, you should choose the safest children's beds on the market.

1, security first after years of research, produced today's Pediatric Bed. Children's beds in the past may put your child at risk. They are usually not produced as directed, and a small detail of negligence can lead to disaster. To ensure that your child is safe in a child's bed, you must refuse a second-hand bed from a friend or family member and assess the resistance of a brand new certified child bed. By examining a brand new standard child bed, you can safely put your child in bed because they are safe. If it is an old child bed,Pediatric Bed make sure the gap between the railings of the bed is less than 2 3/8 inches (2.88 centimeters). Over this gap, it may cause your child to be stuck in it. You must also conduct a thorough examination of the child's bed to see if there is a defect and design that may cause the child's head to be jammed. The old-fashioned Pediatric Bed may use lead-containing paint, which, once inhaled by a child, can cause serious illness.

Can be modified or fixed: for a smaller child bed, there can be more change than an extended dual-use child bed. Fixed smaller children's beds are cheaper, but as your child grows, the bed may soon be out of use.

2, mattress when you purchase children's bed, also need to choose a mattress. For the sake of safety, it is necessary to ensure that the mattress and bed of the adhesive, make sure it is solid. There should be no space between the bed and the mattress. You can follow the "one finger principle", that is, if you can put two or more fingers between the bed and the mattress, it means the mattress is too small. A small or too soft mattress will increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS), stuck or suffocated.