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Approach The Introduction Of Medical Equipment
Nov 25, 2016

Approach the introduction of medical equipment, is the investors to take advantage of the hospital's status, reputation, venue and staff, investment funds to purchase equipment, hospital, free to use, investors get a percentage of the profits. Due to the current market downturn, many agents and some companies use the medical market of medical equipment from the industry and commerce, taxation, and many other factors influence, coupled with market risk, are willing to invest in cooperation with hospitals, cooperation for the 5-10.

When we select cooperative projects and cooperation, should follow the sharing of resources, complement each other, the principle of equality and mutual benefit. Adhere to the four: project leader will not be able not to do; investor-unfriendly not; conflict with existing equipment in hospitals don't do; bad investment benefits do not do. Medical cooperation on investment, should submit an application by the Department, demonstrates, cooperation programmes, by the leading group of hospital equipment in cooperation (or the Management Committee) heard about cooperation and investment in the Department (such as duration, profit-sharing and other cooperation) introduction, then reported the hospital responsible for the collective decision made to RAM.