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Beds Manufacturing History
Nov 25, 2016

A, Bed manufacturing history

Open beds manufacturing history in China before liberation, says labour is done at home, there is no concept of bed, after liberation, increased my medical treatment, births began to gradually in the hospital, but by the early 80, the hospital was gradually banned home deliveries. Beds came into being along with the progress of the times. Recall spring in Fuzhou City, OOO a second at the 43rd session of the China International medical equipment fair in spring, to Shenzhen today, beds had simple to use from the initial to the current functional and luxury-oriented and from wooden bed-----iron spray portable bed movable bed hydraulic beds-------------stainless steel hand for electric beds------full featured luxury electric bed changes.

B, the typical bed type

1 iron spray removable bed belonging to picture 1 type, back and legs were hand-held lifting, back back 0--800 legs 0--900, can not adjust the angle. Medical standards still used in less developed regions. Also as family planning, gynecological examinations.

2, stainless steel movable beds: type belonging to the picture 2, back plate and seat plate in hand-lifting, back back 0--800, 0--300, seat Board angle adjustment easy childbirth. Movable auxiliary units, auxiliary table with feet, easy punch for women during childbirth, bed is made of stainless steel, easy to clean. District and town level hospitals still use today. Also as family planning, gynecological examinations.