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Correct Mattress Maintenance Method:
Nov 25, 2016

Mattress of right maintenance method: handling Shi avoid makes mattress excessive deformation, don't will mattress bent or folding, don't directly with rope hard bundled; don't let mattress local by force overweight, avoid long time sat in mattress edge or let child in mattress Shang jumping, so as not to local by pressure, led metal fatigue effect stretch; to regularly put mattress flip using, can upper and lower flip or end swap, General family 3-6 months for bit once can; except using sheets outside, best can sets Shang mattress cover, avoid mattress lane dirty, convenient washing, To keep the mattress clean sanitation, use remove the plastic packaging bag, keep environment ventilated dry, prevent the mattress from moisture, do not let the mattress dry for too long, so as not to fade.

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