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Electric Bed Operation Is Very Simple And Convenient
May 27, 2017

China is the world's population, but also a population aging of the country, according to statistics, electric care bed, at present our country over the age of 60 to reach 134 million, according to the probability of use of 2%, only domestic 268 million of the demand. There are about 40,000 old and medium-sized hospitals, nursing homes, nursing homes and newly built elderly apartments. If these medical and nursing institutions update 50 beds a year, the annual demand will be 2 million. Most families in our country gradually formed pagoda-style structure. (Four young people, two young people, one child) With the acceleration of social life, young people are both busy with the business and taking care of the family, the elderly and the children,Electric Bed obviously unable to care, when the elderly can not take care of themselves when it is necessary for a family Multi-functional care bed. To help their daily life must be 

First, lift function

1, bedside bedside synchronized lift: 1.1 according to the height and clinical needs of medical staff, in the 1-20cm space range to adjust the height of the bed; 1.2 to increase the ground and bed space, easy to small X-ray machine, clinical examination And the treatment of the instrument into the base; 1.3 to facilitate maintenance personnel inspection of the product in the maintenance; 1.4 to facilitate the treatment of dirt on the staff. 

2, after the rise before the drop (that is, bed head up bed down) can be 0 ° -11 ° range of any tilt, easy to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and related critically ill patients clinical examination,Electric Bed treatment and care. 4, can be in the 0 ° -11 ° range of any tilt, easy to postoperative patients and related critically ill patients with the inspection, treatment and care (such as: suction, wash Stomach, etc.).

Second, sit down and lie down function

In addition to flat, the bed can be in the range of 0 ° -80 ° anywhere in the rise and fall, leg plate in the range of 0 ° -50 ° any rise. Patients can choose the appropriate sitting angle in bed to meet the meal, medication, drinking water, feet, reading newspaper, watching TV and moderate physical exercise needs. Third, left and right turn function Three o'clock arc turn design, allowing patients in the 0 ° -60 ° range of any turn around to prevent the formation of bed sores. There are regular turn over and need to stand up at any time two.

Third, turn over function

Press the left and right rollover keys, the whole body to the left or right side of the left turn about 0-30 °, according to the user's request,Electric Bed free to adjust the angle, but also can be set every 20 minutes or 45 minutes time to turn over.

Four, hand function

Built-in hot air, hot and cold water heater, hot and cold water supply, built-in hot air blower, hot water tank And other components, formed a complete disarm system. Semi-disabled patients (hemiplegia, paralysis, the year is generally weak, postoperative patients to be restored) can be completed with the help of nurses hand, flush, hot water wash, hot air drying series of actions; also by the patient one- Operation, automatic completion of all the procedures; another specially designed urine monitoring and alarm function, for the total disability and unconscious patient's hand, care bed can automatically monitor and deal with, completely solve the patient bed toilet problems.

Five, shampoo, feet auxiliary function

Due to long-term bed rest, muscle, blood vessels were squeezed because of disability, half-disabled patients with lower extremity blood flow is often slower. Often feet can effectively control the lower limb blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, to restore health is very helpful. And regular shampoo can make the patient itching blood, keep clean, but also enable them to maintain a happy mood, enhance and fight the confidence of the disease. Specific operation process: sit up, the special tripod inserted in the pedal,Electric Bed the basin into the humidity of the hot water, you can wash your feet every day; remove the pillow and the bottom of the mattress, put dedicated Wash basin, basin bottom of the water pipe through the back plate on the modeling hole, into the sewage bucket, open the card on the bed above the active hot water nozzle (nozzle hose and hot tub within the pump outlet connected to the pump plug And three hole insurance socket connected), the operation is very simple and convenient, a caregiver can complete the patient's shampoo.