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Folding Bed Soft, Light Weight, Small Size
Jul 21, 2017

Folding bed in today's society can become a popular leisure furniture, mainly because the folding bed convenient, space-saving, and the function is not a single, most of the folding bed can also be used as a chair or ordinary seat. So what is the function of the folding bed what knowledge? Follow the easy to install small network together to learn about it.

The folding bed is a simple bed that can be folded and retracted using a joint principle. It has a simple and practical, easy to carry moving, easy to store the characteristics. Use when you can open, do not have time to put away the fold storage.

1, bamboo, wood, metal and other materials folded bed folding method to fold the main. There are six bed feet, can be folded up with the bed into a plane. Its characteristics are hard structure, heavier, bulky, so many home-based use.

2, Oxford cloth, Tesling material folding bed with soft Oxford cloth, Tesling cloth for the bed, the main structure for the round pipe similar to the principle of "skeleton", folding more flexible and diverse, and can be folded into a chair The Its characteristics are: soft, light weight, small size, widely used in home, office, lunch break, leisure and so on. Because of its flexible and lightweight, cheap features and the use of a wide range of such folding bed is also known as folding chairs, afternoon chairs, nap chairs, lunch bed and so on.

First, lie down and turn around, if the spring does not appear to move or rugged, and can immediately restore the status quo, then the quality of folding bed qualified.

Second, with both hands shaking about the front and rear folding bed, if solid, it means better frame.

Third, the purchase of cortical folding bed, you can use both hands fingertips hold a pull up, if the feel strong, good recovery that is superior quality.

Fourth, the high-grade cloth folding bed, the surface of cotton lining, and the lining of the fabric soft and tough.

Fifth, the steel structure of the folding bed, to pay attention to its welding is smooth, no gap, the coating should be uniform and soft, if it is using paint technology, steel pipe surface is more prone to scratches, easy to rust, lack of luster.

Increased invisible folding bed in office space

Sometimes it is not necessary to take up a large area of space just to add a bed. Look at this studio, the large white cabinet will hide the bed, the owner of the day to work here, the evening bed to pull down the bed can rest, this space utilization is not very worthy of praise!

Hidden bed pulled to the ground after the support of the original cabinet naturally became a practical and creative bedside background wall, both sides of the cabinet has become a "natural barrier" to bring people on the psychological safety sense.

2, let the office area of the shelves to accommodate the folding bed

If you often work overtime because of busy work, it is better to set up a folding bed in the office to provide you with convenience. In this way, the folding bed can not only be used for you to rest, but also to receive guests. When you do not need it, fold it up, your office space can still be very spacious.

Let the storage room between the entertainment room to hide the folding bed

Look, a multi-functional recreation room that does not interfere with the needs of entertainment and can also be used as a bedroom. This approach is very suitable for home to have a sudden visit to the use of friends Oh!

Insert the folded bed into the wall

If you really do not want a large bed to take up too much space, you may wish to use a custom method, the bed into the wall, and the bed can be designed on both sides of the form of simple shelves, used to place lamps and commonly used items Wait.