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Hospital Bed Very Simple Pull Up Or Put Down
Jul 12, 2017

Now social development is getting faster and faster, people living standards are getting higher and higher, the corresponding level of medical development is also getting better and better. Medical equipment is also constantly upgrading, equipment design is also more and more humane. Now the hospital in the Hospital Bed also has a lot of design.

In order to make the injured patients have a comfortable environment, Hospital Bed design should also have a human, standard process.

Now the Hospital Bed in the length of about one meter eight to two meters a, the width is generally in the 0.8 to 0.9, the height of 40 cm to 50 cm between. The electric bed is relatively spacious, the emergency bed is relatively narrow. And Hospital Bed bedside and bedside under normal circumstances can be disassembled. To have a user-friendly design is to take into account the hospital to visit people often do not have so many places will choose to sit in the Hospital Bed, so we must control when the side of the weight is too heavy, the Hospital Bed can still be balanced. This Hospital Bed can be set to three. One for the flat bed. There is no adjustment function. The other is manual. Adjust by hand. The third: electric, automatic adjustment.

So what is the Hospital Bed and what constitutes it? Hospital Bed is generally made of steel bed frame with bed board, bed board is divided into three areas, one is a back seat is a ride at the foot. The three parts of the deck are interrelated. The use of steel stents can be on the bed plate improvisation movements, you can make the three components of the bed plate rise and fall, can easily adjust the care bed to the patient's desired state, so that patients more comfortable and reduce the work of nurses Quantity, to facilitate the movement of medical staff and the daily life of the patient.

Bed is used every day, and in addition to our bed to sleep in general, there are many other functional beds, such as the use of outdoor hammocks, suitable for children to use the cradle bed and the use of Hospital Beds in the hospital The What is the difference between a Hospital Bed and a normal household bed?

Hospital Beds manufacturers first use the Hospital Bed for hospitals, in addition to some of the functions indicated, such as double shaker, three shaker beds, or multifunctional Hospital Beds. Hospital beds also have the basic function.

First, the head of the tail plate to be able to quickly disassemble. This is to facilitate the doctors and nurses in an emergency situation can quickly check the bedside head to the patient to rescue. Second, the fence, medical Hospital Bed requires the fence must be strong, but also to be able to pull or put down very simple.

Third, casters, especially those with serious illness in patients with special beds, with particular emphasis on the flexibility of the casters, because many critically ill patients in the event of an emergency can not move the body, is to push the whole bed to the rescue room and other places The And this time if the casters have problems will be out of life. The above is the characteristics of medical Hospital Beds.

The patient's illness is always a lot different, in order to deal with different patients, the type of Hospital Beds are also changing, mainly functional differences, for the inconvenience of the legs and feet of Hospital Beds will be higher degree of automation, to facilitate family and health care Personnel to help patients to turn over the body and so on.