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Hospital Beds Are Of Many Different Kinds Depending On Their Functionality And The Specific Area Within A Medical Centre They Are Used In.
Dec 24, 2018

Hospital beds are of many different kinds depending on their functionality and the specific area within a medical centre they are used in. A hospital bed could be an electrically operated bed, a semi-electric bed, a home care bed or a regular manual bed. These beds may be ICU beds, delivery tables, attendant beds, delivery beds, air mattresses, labour delivery room beds, patient attendant beds, patient general plain beds, case sheet folders, gynaecologic electric couches or x ray permeable rest solutions.

An electrically operated bed is completely automated in every single one of its functions. A semi-electric bed is partially operated by electricity and a few other functions have to be performed by the operator or the attendant himself. A complete manual bed is the one that has to be entirely operated by the attendant himself.

Delivery tables are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a mother who is about to give birth to a child. A stretcher is more portable hospital bed that is used to transfer patients from accident sites to the medical facility using ambulances or within different departments of a medical centre. ICU beds are more equipped beds used to take care of a myriad of needs of a patient in critical condition requiring intensive care and look-after. Gynaecological electrical couches are the ones that are used to help gynaecologists perform a complete exam of the lady without causing any discomfort.

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