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Hospital Ward Furniture Can Objectively Reflect The Function Of Material And Spirit
Oct 24, 2017

In the design of modern medical space environment, the whole process of the Hospital Ward Furniture disposition will be based on the size of the hospital space environment and the physical and psychological characteristics of the dynamic line location of the space, and the scientific and reasonable arrangement of Hospital Ward Furniture in the ward fit position can make people feel comfortable.

Comfort degree belongs to the category of subjective feeling, and individual characteristic is stronger. The shape, color and texture of Hospital Ward Furniture in different wards in hospital space environment can embody different design styles and have great influence on the space environment of hospital wards.

On the contrary, the space separation, material, equipment, green planting, lighting, color and shape of the hospital ward will also have a restrictive effect on Hospital Ward Furniture, including the light environment and sound environment will have a certain effect on Hospital Ward Furniture. The location of space function in the space environment of medical wards plays a decisive role in the selection of Hospital Ward Furniture.

Hospital Ward Furniture in the hospital ward space Environment belongs to consumables, so also on the use of wood and structure of particular attention, from the aesthetic perspective of the style of the Hospital Ward Furniture itself needs to match with the ward decoration style. The Hospital Ward Furniture can objectively reflect the material function and the spiritual function, at the same time, it also plays an important role in coordinating organization and recreation of the space environment of the hospital ward.

The study of medical data showed that the average satisfaction and comfort of patients of all ages were higher than those of double room. The 4o~59 age group was significantly more comfortable than the 39-year-old and 60-year-olds with two age groups. Because there are more people in this age group, there is a high demand for things around, when they can not meet their standards, they will produce dissatisfaction, feel unwell. And under the age of 39 and older patients, one is not deep, one is gradually out of the social arena, they are not very demanding around the things, more adaptable.

Miriam Mei Medical Mo always think: Hospital Ward Furniture Remodeling the space form, playing the role of identifying space, shaping space, optimizing space, the ward space content to do a deeper level of enrichment, display in front of people. A successful hospital ward space environment should be harmonious and unified environment, Hospital Ward Furniture and indoor space integration, complementarity, experience comfort evaluation is relatively high.

As a ward with multiple functions of life, treatment and rehabilitation, we should start with the psychological and physiological characteristics of patients, pay attention to the design of patients ' behavioral psychology, including the color selection of indoor environment, the creation of light environment, the creation of sound environment, the creation of Hospital Ward Furniture in space environment and so on. such as focus on the personal domain space, the limitation of public communication space, the design of good sight and the space environment of sound, light and color, make the function of Hospital Ward Furniture in ward to coordinate with each other, create the comfortable and pleasant ward space with patient-oriented, and reach the caring and soothing function of the patient's mind.

Through the ward space composition, the plane layout, the area division, the function zoning carries on the Hospital Ward Furniture design, manifests the order comfortableness, the function efficiency, the space security principle.

The patient wants to be tranquil, neat, safe, comfortable space environment, color psychology is rich and varied. The ward should adopt the lightness of higher brightness, the color purity is lower mainly. Bright tones to the patient with confidence, relaxed, happy, clean feeling, soft cold tones can alleviate and reduce the patient's diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation of tension, anxiety, impatience, the patient has a soothing effect, so that patients adapt to the hospital environment as soon as possible.

The design and decoration of Hospital Ward Furniture in ward space environment should pay attention to the problem of repetition and intersection in the process of use, satisfy the setting of the room of non-medical treatment, accord with users ' demand for the space of the sick, pay attention to the security of space environment and function.