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Hospital Ward Furniture Design To Be Considered Comprehensive
Nov 02, 2017

Hospital functional requirements, that is, the characteristics of the hospital, is a comprehensive hospital, or specialist hospital? Specialist hospital, is the ophthalmic hospital or maternity hospital? And then positioning the audience crowd, such as the hospital face the level of medical treatment and level, is expected to outpatient amount of 3000 to 5000 people, which can be inferred from the hospital waiting hall, taking the basic information such as hall and the number of beds. If it is a 100-bed high-end maternity hospital, the face of the medical treatment group is a certain spending power, it is completely different from the public hospital positioning model, service mode and treatment space design, such as less outpatient, waiting Hall,Hospital Ward Furniture take the hall and so do not have to use large space design, cancel the registration, pharmacy, front desk and other windows to narrow the lobby area, will inquire, referral, registration, charges, take medicine and other functions focused on a platform to solve, thus changing the design Ideas, in line with high-end hospital management model.

Many new hospitals in the demand is not clear, due to objective conditions caused by the first hospital after the construction of the situation, often resulting in constant rework changes. Once a hospital in the main department set up before planning the Department of Stomatology, so plans in the second floor of the southeast corner of the vacancy increase, but ignored a layer of radiology, because the hospital's large medical equipment placed here The new building has not yet done downboard or elevated floor of the case,Hospital Ward Furniture it will be difficult to solve the dental department of sewage problems. During the period to take a lot of ways, such as the floor height of 30 cm, the design slope conducive to the natural flow of sewage, or the floor to get through, in the lower ceiling to find the slope, etc., is still difficult to ensure "dripping", especially Sheung Shui, Leading to pipe burst, leakage of large equipment on the lower level of damage to the hospital for serious losses.

Therefore, the above cases can be seen, the location of the various departments to clear the relationship, a reasonable set, is the characteristics of medical technology, but also difficult. Medical design is like a butterfly effect, pre-design can not be considered comprehensive, will inevitably lead to follow-up work in a variety of problems.

After the understanding of the functional space needs of the hospital, the medical process design work has not yet been completed, the interior of the humanized design should also be thoughtful before construction. Such as the construction of windows on both sides of the building, and set out the ward,Hospital Ward Furniture the middle of the corridor will become dark, to make the corridor to form a regular lighting, and the ground material, the top of the lamp has a direct relationship.

Hospital doctors and nurses working area set up the most special to the Department of Inspection, in principle, other departments are reluctant to work with the Department of Pathology, laboratory division white white hair together, so the two doctors should be out before the door White coats placed in their own department of the dressing room, and individuals placed alone, at the same time according to men and women dress custom design separate dressing room.

The data of the laboratory should be understood and counted before the establishment of the laboratory, the amount of biochemical, the amount of the sample, the amount of immunity, the amount of micro-biomass, the data directly affect the laboratory area, the number and power of the centrifuge, the number of refrigerators And power, integrated with the mechanical and electrical engineers to determine the load data,Hospital Ward Furniture loop data to calculate the inspection area and the type of equipment, quantity, etc., in order to draw the most reasonable and scientific design data. Combined with hospital development planning, and then move the pen design, is the best program.

Although the medical process is a small part of the overall construction of the hospital, but through the entire design process, from the initial land planning until the decoration, acceptance and other aspects of the medical process are closely involved. As the basis for the construction of the hospital design task book,Hospital Ward Furniture more time there is no complete written documents, as a medical technician in addition to the hospital's space function needs clear in the chest, but also to understand the hospital's business philosophy to clear the hospital Crowd positioning, can be meticulous to each space design, each set of facilities.

Medical technology division of the owners of the demand should be sufficient understanding, can be a passive understanding into the initiative to ask. Many times the designer is in a passive acceptance of the demand, do not know the hospital leadership and the doctor's understanding of their own needs, nor take the initiative to stand in the hospital positioning point of view to consider the needs of the operation,Hospital Ward Furniture resulting in drawing drawings and demand does not match , Follow-up even if many changes, still can not meet the requirements of the hospital. In addition, the hospital leaders and doctors have the limitations of the problem, designers should be long-term vision to do the plan, can not lack the ability to grasp the market, with its own rich experience to take the guidance of the recommended counseling, And the design side of the idea of mutual understanding.