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Hospital Ward Furniture To Create A More Warm, More Secure, More Efficient
Jul 03, 2017

Hospital Ward Furniture is the whole modern hospital building space environment design of an integral part of the past, most of the hospital furniture color is relatively simple, white-based, with the continuous development of medical science, proved that the patient's physical condition and mental state to a certain extent On the color-related, research colors in the application of modern Hospital Ward Furniture, not only beneficial to medical care, but also the development of Hospital Ward Furniture also has a very important role.

Ward is the patient hospital treatment, rehabilitation process of convalescence space, and color design is extremely important. If the patient in the harsh environment for rehabilitation treatment, it is easy to produce anxiety and anxiety, the patient's rehabilitation is extremely unfavorable. Xiaobian today with everyone to talk about the ward space environment of Hospital Ward Furniture color design applications.

Medical standards for furniture in the ward is to create a "harmonious and comfortable" medical environment, so that patients in a relaxed and happy state of rehabilitation, to ease the patient's hospitalization and fear of fear, which is the hospital for patients, patients and family members of health care workers An Important Embodiment of Humanistic Care.

Warm colors in some low blood pressure in patients with wards and nursing ward is more commonly used to help patients improve blood pressure and increase appetite, warm, high saturation of the bright colors with excitement, resulting in a strong visual impact.

Cool color gives a sense of coolness and stability, the role of elimination of boredom, especially for high fever patients and obstetrics and gynecology patients. Cool colors make people feel the feeling of fresh, quiet feeling, light blue, light purple and other colors in the Hospital Ward Furniture widely used.

Light color (such as light orange, light yellow, etc.) has a strong confidence in the role of patients, usually in the operating room, surgical and terminally ill ward use, can enable patients to eliminate the spirit of sadness and reduce the physical sense of pain People with hope and light.

(Such as gray, yellow, yellow and olive green, etc.) are rarely used in Hospital Ward Furniture, but apply to the ward of the mentally ill patient, the dark colors and above the color gives a cold, melancholy feeling, and thus the mental illness The patient has an inhibitory effect.

Hospital Ward Furniture, decorative patterns, color patterns are more to consider the psychological needs of people. Such as ordinary ward furniture color and simple shape, elegant, etc .; pediatric ward furniture color jump, small round shape and so on. Color of the cold and warm, simple decoration, etc. will cause people a strong psychological reaction, so the Hospital Ward Furniture design varies, more attention to personalized, customized way of Hospital Ward Furniture design and production will appear more in the hospital.

Modern hospital wards should give patients a more warm, safer, more efficient and more convenient place to feel, so that patients can not only get professional treatment, but also in the visual and psychological better relief. 

Hospital ward furniture design into the color elements highlight its importance, through the color with a reasonable design, showing a different visual effects, health care, patient psychology, physiological impact, select the appropriate color series, help to strengthen the patient's confidence in disease , To maintain a relaxed and happy mood, speed up the rehabilitation of the disease, for patients to create a comfortable treatment environment, so that the physical and mental integrity of the care.