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Hospital Ward Furniture To Create A More Warm And Safer Patient
Oct 10, 2017

Hospital Ward Furniture is an integral part of the design of modern hospital building space environment, in the past, most of the hospital furniture has a single color, mainly white, with the development of medical science, it is proved that the patient's physical condition and mental state are related to color in some degree, and the application of color in modern Hospital Ward Furniture, Not only beneficial to medical care, but also to the development of Hospital Ward Furniture has a very important role.

Ward is the convalescent space in the process of inpatient treatment and rehabilitation, and the color design is very important. If the patient is recovering from a poorly-treated ward, it can easily cause anxiety and discomfort to the patient's recovery. Today, I'm going to have a chat with you. The application of the color design of the traditional Chinese medicine furniture in space environment.

The room furniture color design standard is to create a "harmonious and comfortable" medical environment, so that patients in a relaxed and happy state of rehabilitation treatment, to alleviate the patient's hospitalization pressure and fear, this is the hospital for patients, patients family and medical personnel humanistic care important embodiment.

Warm colors in some patients with hypotension in the ward and convalescent ward is more commonly used to help patients improve blood pressure and enhance appetite, warm, high saturation of the gorgeous color has a sense of excitement, a strong visual impact.

Cold colors give people a sense of coolness and stability, have the effect of eliminating boredom, especially for patients with high fever and obstetrics and gynecology. Cold colors make people feel refreshing, tranquil feeling, light blue, purple and other color in Hospital Ward Furniture application wider.

Light colors (such as shallow orange, yellow light, etc.) on the disease patients have a strong confidence in the role, usually in the operating room, surgery and terminally ill ward use, can enable the patient to eliminate the spirit of sadness and reduce physical pain, giving hope and light.

Melancholy color colors (such as gray, yellow, yellow and green, and so on) are rarely used in Hospital Ward Furniture, but are suitable for patients with psychiatric ward furniture, gray tones and above color to give people a cold, melancholy feeling, and thus inhibit the mentally ill.

Hospital Ward Furniture decorative patterns, color patterns and so on, more consideration of the psychological needs of people. such as ordinary ward furniture color and modelling concise, elegant and so on, the paediatric ward furniture color jumps, the modelling compact round and so on. Color of the warm and cold, decorative simplified, etc. will arouse people's strong psychological response, so, Hospital Ward Furniture design varies from person to individual, more personalized, custom-made Hospital Ward Furniture design and production will appear in the hospital.

Modern hospital ward space should give patients a more warm, safer, more efficient, more convenient place sense, so that patients can not only get professional treatment, but also in the visual and psychological to get a better soothing.

The hospital ward furniture design incorporates the color element to highlight its importance, through the color reasonable collocation design, presents the different visual effect, to the medical care, the patient psychology, the physiology produces certain influence, chooses the suitable color series, is advantageous in strengthens the patient to fight the disease the confidence, maintains a relaxed joyful mood, speeds up the For the patient to create a comfortable treatment environment, so that the physical and mental integrity of the healing.