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ICU Bed Equipment Safe Operation, Convenient
Aug 11, 2017

ICU Bed remote toilet care bed is mainly used in the main hospital ICU Bed ward to support the background of long-range care: health care workers can video, voice intercom, remote control care operation, video, remote playback, highly innovative, unique, practical , The product can be 24 hours long-term use and no special care, completely reduce the medical care of nursing staff! And has automatic collection, automatic induction, automatic flushing, automatic drying, automatic disinfection, automatic adjustment of water temperature and a series of powerful intelligent features, and truly achieve the human care! Let the patient enjoy a clean and comfortable environment!

ICU Bed in the world for more than 30 years of history, and now has become a hospital emergency patients in the rescue center. ICU Bed monitoring level, equipment is advanced, has become an important indicator of a hospital level. China's ICU Bed started late, began in the early 80s, the current domestic ICU Bed hospital is not common, but has been valued, rapid development.

Mainly applicable to ICU Bed departments, can also be used in high-end VIP care ward, can be more body position adjustment, simple operation, safe and reliable. The biggest bright spot for the customizable timing, positioning care module, pay attention to humanized service design.

The whole bed still retains the basic structure of the traditional nursing bed at the same time independently developed a customizable function, according to patients and health care personnel for special custom procedures, but also to achieve remote control function.

The basic equipment of the ICU Bed is equipped with bedside monitors, central monitors, multifunctional breathing machines, anesthesia machines, electrocardiographs, defibrillators, pacemakers, infusion pumps, microinjectors, tracheal intubation and tracheotomy First aid equipment. In the better condition of the hospital, can also be equipped with blood gas analyzer, micro-computer, EEG machine, B-machine, bedside X-ray machine, hemodialysis device, intra-arterial balloon pump, hematuria routine analyzer, Blood biochemical analyzer and so on.

CE certification, in line with gas, electricity, communications and other high standards of supply safety requirements and 4 times the load factor requirements

Provide "dry and wet separation" clinical design program to ensure the efficient medical work

Slide sliding smooth, flexible, safe operation of medical equipment to facilitate the clinical use

Flexible crossbar combination, make full use of ICU Bed ward space

Ergonomic gas, power access location, easy to easily plug the medical staff