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ICU Bed Safe And Reliable, Stable Performance
Jun 21, 2017

ICU remote toilet care bed is mainly used in the hospital ICU ward use, support the background of long-range care: health care workers can video, voice intercom, remote control care operations, video, remote playback, highly innovative, unique, practical , The product can be 24 hours long-term use and without special care, completely reduce the medical care of nursing staff! And has an automatic collection, automatic induction, automatic flushing, automatic drying, automatic disinfection, automatic adjustment of water temperature and a series of powerful intelligent features, and truly reached the human care! Let the patient enjoy a clean and comfortable environment!

Wheelchairs are mainly used in nursing homes and families. The system can provide self-care (such as hemiplegia, lower limb paralysis, surgery, etc.) in patients with inconvenience to provide toilet care, reduce the ideological burden of their own, conducive to their own rehabilitation. The overall design is completely out of the general care bed, to achieve bed separation, get rid of long bed rest to the patient to bring a sense of boredom. Can promote the patient, hair, sun, do not have long in the dark room, affect the mood, aggravate the condition, there are holes in the wheelchair, do not worry about dirty bedding, tide bedding, cleaning difficult.

As the ICU ward is faced with special critically ill patients, many patients are even in the shock and other dying state of life, so the ward care work is complex and hard, the standard ICU Bed requirements are also very strict, mainly the following functional requirements:

One, multi-position adjustment using safe and reliable, stable performance of the medical mute motor, all-electric control of the overall bed movements, back and thigh plate movements; adjustable to the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), heart chair, "FOWLER "Position, MAX check bit, special bit / anti-characteristics of the bit, while the central control system can display the back plate, leg plate, special / anti-special character, rollover angle to meet the clinical needs.

Second, turn over the help As the ICU ward center has a lot of patients with deep disturbance of consciousness, can not stand up independently, need nursing staff often turn over, scrub, prevent bed sores; no turn over to assist the case to complete a patient's turn scrub usually takes two to three people To help complete, and nurses are very easy to hurt the waist, which to the work of clinical care workers have brought great trouble and inconvenience, the modern standard ICU Bed can be very convenient side of the body, through the foot or hand control, It is easy to help patients turn over.

Third, easy to operate ICU Beds can be multi-directional control of the movement of the bed, in the bed on both sides of the fence, bed board, handheld controller, both sides of the foot control and so have control functions, so that care workers can follow the care The most convenient to simple operation and control of the bed, in addition to a key reset and a key position, off the bed alarm and other functions, used to monitor the transitional period of patients walking and so on.

Fourth, the precise weighing function ICU ward center of critically ill patients need a lot of liquid exchange every day, for intake and excretion is essential, the traditional operation is manual recording of liquid access, but it is also easy to ignore the secretion of sweat or body The rapid burning of internal fat consumption, when there is a precise weighing function, the patient continued weight monitoring, the doctor can easily control the difference between the two data to adjust the treatment program in time to improve the quality of patients in the treatment of data management , The current mainstream ICU Bed weighing accuracy has reached 10-20g.

Fifth, the back X-ray film requires critically ill patients can be completed in the ICU ward, backplane configuration X-ray box slide, do not move the patient can use the X-ray machine near the whole body shot.

Six, flexible mobile and brake ICU ward center requires care bed can be flexible to move and secure the brakes fixed, so easy to rescue and hospital transshipment, etc., more use of central control brakes, medical universal wheels.