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Maintain You Casters Before Rust
Jan 16, 2018

Maintain You Casters Before Rust

We are a Manufacturer of Casters and Caster Wheels, such as Industrial Casters, Medical Casters,  and so on.

Due to the different industrial, Casters frame can be Chrome plated, Brass plated like piano caster wheels, or use full plastic wheel frame for example hospital casters wheels.

But Most of casters in the market place are with zinc plated wheel frame. So how to precent them to corrosion is a main daily job.

Zinc plated finished surface are shinney at the beginning, but it's will going more and more dark or rust after long time use. We can not stop casters to rust, but we can do some job to increase the useful time. And we can do following.

1. Do not put the casters outdoor or wet environment long time;

2. Clear the dust and textile;

3. Add rust resistance oil regular.

Please remember above and take care of you caster wheels. Less rust mean's more profit.