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Medical Bed Manufacturer Introduced The Electric Medical Beds
Nov 25, 2016

A good bed can bring the comfort of rest can make people better spirits the next day to go to work, who were in the midst of illness also when needed is a comfortable beds for medical use, medical bed manufacturer introduced electric beds for medical use this new product.

Material: all beds, bed frames, bed foot made of cold rolled steel plate, steel tube, and the second phosphate after electrostatic spraying, quality has reached the national standard luxury plastic caseback, headboard, footboard, rails are high-grade ABS material, easy to clean, and Nice.

Description: the imported motors, mute noise, can weigh over 250KG, computer operating Panel on the guardrail, patients can more conveniently (controller with nurse and CPR functions); control of high strength, high wear-resistant quiet caster, makes beds mobile flexible, lightweight, convenient equipped with four ABS Rails (positioning), infusion stand, drainage of hook.

Multifunctional medical beds to meet the doctor for treatment time, surgery can be done faster, and medical beds wholesale price only is appropriate, lower cost, and useful products is worth having.