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Medical Castor Adaptability And Strong Resistance To Stress
Oct 10, 2017

Medical Castor, Hi Wen, drought resistance, barren, salt-tolerant, adaptability and resistance to strong, not flooded. Field planting as long as scientific management, can obtain significant economic benefits, the general yield per Mu 250~350kg, high-yield up to 450kg, pure income of more than thousand yuan. The key cultivation techniques are as follows:

1, the whole land and fertilization

After harvesting, the former crop is 25~750px before freezing, and mu of organic manure is 2000~2500kg. In March, the second half of the N, p compound fertilizer 20~25kg, plowing 15~500px, heavy rake two times. Cannot choose the low-lying and waterlogged plots.

2. Selection of fine varieties

Dry barren can be selected grate No. 1th, Jin Grate 1, 2nd, high water and fertilizer plots can be selected open Grate 3rd, Zi Grate 2, 3rd.

3, suitable sowing time

Spring sowing is advisable in early April, wheat set planting should be mastered in the middle of April, such as machine wheat can be postponed to late April sowing. The general use of artificial digging point point, each point seeding 3 tablets, sowing depth of 125px appropriate. The soil is not suitable to be suppressed when it is covered with heavy land.

4. Reasonable close Planting

High-fat plots per mu $number strains, leading 100~3000px, barren each mu $number, line spacing 80~2500px. Wheat interplanting Medical Castor, wheat sowing must have reserved line, can use 3:1, 1.1-meter, or 6:2, 2.2 meters.

5. Top dressing and watering

Medical Castor seedlings generally do not need watering, the main stem spike after flowering special drought can be properly watered. The top dressing should be carried out at the flowering stage of the branch Spike Bud, and the effective urea $number kg is usually applied to each MU. Avoid in the branch of the growing period of fertilizer and storm.

6. Chemical Control and pruning

After flowering of Medical Castor oil, the soil water content should be controlled in the prophase of branch growth, and the method is spraying with Paclobutrazol $number. After stubble sowing wheat Medical Castor, in September early in the first time to remove the bud, flowering branches, to ensure that the formation of the young fruit of the ear in early October fully mature.

7, Earth to prevent drainage

Medical Castor is particularly resistant to flooding, therefore, field drainage is the key to the success of planting Medical Castor in Ota. Generally in late June, after the main stem spike formation, combined with root Earth, in the rows dug deep 375px, wide 625px ditch, so that the lines formed from the gutter, and with the ground side interlinked.

In addition, the seedling stage should be timely control of underground pests, Sarah, the medium-term prevention of helicoverpa armigera, in the late harvest.