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Medical Castor Reliable Quality
Oct 24, 2017

There are two types of oil and oil used in Medical Castor cultivation. The roots are well-developed and deep in the ground. The stems are flexible, hollow, branched, and branched in variety and density. Perennial Medical Castor plants up to 5 meters. Stems, leaves green or purplish red. The plant is white wax powder, smooth and hairless. Leaves palmately shaped, some are chicken claw-shaped. Flowers simple, racemose panicles, upper part of Spike rachis with female flowers, style red, lower part male. I have a mixed arrangement of bisexual flowers or a plant with only a solitary female flower. Capsule spiny or unarmed, 3-loculed, 1 seeds per locule. The crust is smooth, hard and brittle, with a shallow pattern, red to black and brown. The optimum temperature for growth is 20~28℃.

Medical Castor in northern China in the winter before deep ploughing, the application of organic fertilizer to mature soil, planted in pieces. The South uses dwell to grow. Seed development does not require very high temperature, seedlings can withstand 0 ℃ or so low temperature. Can be the Medical Castor fruit live or seedling transplant. Early spring sowing in the north, temperature stability in 10 ℃ can be sown to extend the growth period and increase production. Perennial Medical Castor can be perennial seed, the winter before cutting off the ground part, pay attention to cover the insulation antifreeze. Harvested when a large capsule is dark brown or tawny and begins to crack. The main pests and diseases are fusarium wilt, leaf blight, bacterial blotch and ground tiger, helicoverpa armigera, Thorn moth, Medical Castor worm.

Fruit characteristics and plant characteristics of Medical Castor. Medical Castor seeds to buy, for you to recommend the Zibo Jia Xiang. Years of planting experience, the quality of Medical Castor is reliable, reasonable price, worth buying.

Medical Castor growers introduced the whole plant smooth, on the wax powder, generally green, cyan gray or purple red; stems rounded hollow, branched; leaves alternate larger, palmately divided; panicle, unisexual without petals, female flowers in upper part of inflorescence, reddish style, male flowers in lower part of inflorescence, pale yellow; , Testa hard, shiny and black, white, and brown stripes.