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Nuring Bed A Safe And Secure
Aug 11, 2017

First, a safe and secure bed of care. General Nuring Beds are for patients with mobility, long-term bedridden. So that the safety and stability of the bed put forward higher requirements. Users in the purchase must be the other side to produce a product in the Food and Drug Administration of a registration card and production license. This ensures the medical care of the Nuring Bed.

Second, the practical care of the bed with electric and manual points, manually apply to the patient a short-term care needs in the short term to solve a nursing difficult problem. Electricity is suitable for families with long-term bedridden incapacitated patients at home, which not only greatly reduces the burden on nursing staff and family members, but the most important thing is that patients can control their own lives to greatly enhance their confidence in life, not only in life A person's needs, but also in the quality of life to achieve self-satisfaction, is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with disease.

Third, the economy of electric Nuring Bed in practicality is stronger than the manual Nuring Bed, but the price is manual nursing bed several times (five or six thousand) and even have a full range of functions to reach hundreds of thousands. In the purchase of this factor should also be considered.

Fourth, with a rollover function This is suitable for patients with little self-activity, pre-disease period has been a serious degree of paralysis, home care and less family. This can effectively prevent long-term bedridden patients with three major complications. (Pneumonia, urinary tract infection, bed sores)

Five, single shake two fold, double shake three fold, four fold, etc. This is suitable for some patients with fracture recovery, and long-term bedridden patients with health care. To facilitate the special patient's sleep, learning, entertainment and other needs.

Six, with a toilet and wash your feet device urine alarm, etc. These devices are conducive to patients usually a self-cleaning care and incontinence patients, is conducive to the patient's toilet care.

Long-term bedridden patients, due to poor physical fitness, often accompanied by high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other important organ disorders, prone to a variety of complications. Prevention of complications before the emergence of a home Nuring Bed will bring a lot of care to the family and doctors care, it is difficult to effectively prevent the occurrence of these complications, and once it occurs will endanger the lives of their loved ones.

The traditional family pension is the main way for the elderly to take care of the elderly at this stage and for a long time in the future. The main problems and difficulties are: (1) lack of professional nursing equipment in the home care, resulting in the body of the nursing staff Burden and mental stress. (2) Nursing is a specialized requirement for higher work, while the average family member lacks basic nursing knowledge and skills,Nuring Bed especially rehabilitation knowledge and technology. (3) nursing strength, lack of labor. At present, as the role of nursing more than middle-aged women, for them, the work can not avoid some of the high-intensity manual labor are heavier burden, while the family miniaturization and large-scale migration of labor, creating a large number of "4 + 2 + 1" family and empty nest elderly, we will find a large number of 60.70 years old in the care of 80,90 years old old and disabled elderly.

As we all know, the elderly's body function gradually decreases with age, intelligence, memory, feeling and immunity have declined, easy to infect a variety of diseases, the treatment of a long time, slow recovery, complications and more. Which due to prolonged bed rest and back and buttocks caused by pressure ulcers and other complications, will seriously affect the health of the elderly, to the families and nurses bring great physical and mental fatigue. In addition to the use of drugs and injections in this case, the multifunctional Nuring Bed care is also essential: the long-term bedridden paralyzed elderly people can stand up, back, leg, can strengthen its back and buttocks blood flow, greatly Reduce bed pressure and other complications.