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Nuring Bed Great Convenience, Easy To Operate
Jun 21, 2017

Nuring Bed, divided into electric care beds and manual care beds, are inconvenient for use by patients or elderly people at home for treatment and rehabilitation care. Its main purpose is to facilitate the care of nurses to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients or the elderly. Nursing bed began to be mainly used in hospitals, with the economic development of Nuring Bed have also entered the ordinary people of the family, became the old choice of home care, greatly reducing the burden of nursing staff.

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on July 11, "Social Service Development Statistics Bulletin 2015" shows that as of the end of 2015, at present our country has large and medium-sized hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly, as well as the newly built old apartments, about 11.6 million, An increase of 23.4%; all kinds of pension beds 6.727 million, an increase of 16.4% over the previous year. The new demand for the year is about 1.1 million. Most of our families gradually formed pagoda-style structure (four elderly, two young people, one child). With the acceleration of social life, young people are both busy with the business and taking care of the family, the elderly and the children. It is clear that when the elderly can not take care of themselves, they need a kind of family-style multifunctional nursing bed to help their daily life.

       With the increasing demand for care beds in the family, from the beginning of the simple care bed, and later with the fence, the table; and then later with the stool hole, the wheel; produced a lot of multi-functional as one of the multi-functional, electric care Bed, greatly improve the level of rehabilitation of patients, but also for the nurses to provide a great convenience, so simple, powerful care products more and more sought after.

Choose a suitable for the elderly physical condition and family conditions care bed should note the following:

1, security and stability

Nursing bed users are inconvenient, long-term bedridden, which on the safety and stability of the bed put forward higher requirements. Users in the purchase must check the product in the Food and Drug Administration registration certificate and production license to ensure the safety of care bed.

2, practicality

Elderly care bed with electric and manual points, manual care for the elderly care bed for short-term care needs of the elderly, electric care for the elderly care bed for long-term bedridden, mobility of the elderly, so not only greatly reduced the care The burden of personnel, more importantly, the elderly can at any time in accordance with their own needs to control and adjust, greatly improving their confidence in life.

3, economy

Appropriate electrical function care bed in the practicality and handling is better than the manual function of Nuring Bed, but the price is higher, usually several times the manual care bed, some full-featured care bed price even up to several hundred thousand dollars in the When you buy, you can do it.

4, folding function

With the folding function of the old care bed is divided into a single function of two fold, dual function three fold, three functions such as four fold, for the recovery of the elderly and long-term bed rehabilitation rehabilitation of the elderly, but also to meet the elderly sleep , Entertainment and other needs.

5, with a removable function

Elderly functional care bed should generally have a mobile function, easy for the elderly to sun and observe the outdoor, mobile function for the elderly care bed can achieve all-round care, reduce the care of the nursing staff strength, can also be converted into a rescue bed at any time.

6, with lifting function

To facilitate the elderly to get out of bed and reduce the nursing staff care intensity.

7, with turn over function

Can help the elderly left and right reflex, soothe the body, reduce the nursing staff nursing care intensity

8, with sitting function

Can be converted into a seat posture, diet or read and write, easy to feet and so on.