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Nuring Bed Greatly Reduced The Burden Of Nursing Staff
Jul 21, 2017

The appearance of the Nuring Bed for the need for long-term bedridden elderly or need to take care of the patient in the position adjustment, reading and learning, and people to communicate with the help, but also to their personal privacy protection, life more dignity, but also greatly Reduce the burden on nurses and reduce household expenses. Then the small sea today to talk about in the selection of Nuring Beds need to pay attention to what, to avoid the practical cost, choose more suitable for the patient's care bed.

First, the practical care bed with intelligent electric and manual points, manual care bed is more suitable for short-term patient care needs, intelligent care bed for long-term bedridden, inconvenient people, so not only greatly reduced the nursing staff Burden, more importantly, intelligent care bed can be at any time in accordance with their own needs to control and adjust, greatly improve the comfort and convenience of life, but also improve the confidence of patients on life.

Second, the safety and stability of the Nuring Bed users are inconvenient, long-term bedridden, which on the safety and stability of the bed put forward higher requirements. Users in the purchase must check the product in the SFDA registration certificate and production license to ensure the safety of care bed.

Third, of course, as a smart care bed, is through high-tech microelectronics technology applied to the Nuring Bed, remote control, automatic, lightweight and digital direction. Whether it is practical or operational are better than the manual care bed, but the price is higher, usually several times the manual care bed, when the purchase should be able to do what, and the sea Gill intelligent care bed have personalized custom function module , Hickory can be based on the patient's own conditions and needs, the choice of functional modules, not only better to provide care, but also significantly reduce the unnecessary cost of consumption of patients.

Fourth, the folding function of the Nuring Bed is divided into single shake two fold, double shake three fold, four fold. Two fold of the bed can be achieved to sit up the function, three fold the bed can be used as a wheelchair, and Hickel's intelligent care bed bed is a four fold, is the real sense of bed rest as comfortable Position, not only can lie down legs, from the back of the leg, you can also achieve any turn around to prevent the formation of bed sores, turn the bed board is three different parts of the bed board rise, so you can facilitate the care of patients wipe the back of the patient. As the current intelligent care bed material is not the same, so in the choice of time can also be based on their own preferences, to choose intelligent care bed!

Fifth, the advantages of intelligent Nuring Bed also show in the toilet with a toilet and wash, foot device, these devices to facilitate the elderly body clean and toilet care. Hai Ji Seoul Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the first to achieve the set of intelligent toilet automatic flushing, Jie hip, drying, deodorant in one of the intelligent care bed. The real sense of human engineering and intelligent technology integration.

In life, there are a lot of people have this view, the more expensive is the better, in fact, this view is not correct, the price is the first thing we should consider, but the selection is more suitable for the patient's own care bed is the key , Not only to enable patients to greatly increase the confidence of life, but also take into account the patient's mental health and physical rehabilitation. In fact, the help of intelligent products to make life can not take care of themselves can take care of themselves and their daily life is the power and hope.