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On Strengthening The Work Of Cleaning, Disinfection And Sterilization Of Medical Devices Notifications
Nov 25, 2016

A, Branch Director, the head nurse must be attached great importance to prevention and control of nosocomial infection, strengthen the sense of safety of medical personnel, strict implementation of the management measures of nosocomial infection Hospital operating Department management practices and management of sterilization and supply center, isolation technology, medical personnel, such as hand hygiene norms, and conscientiously implement the nosocomial infection prevention and control measures.

Second, operating room, sterilization and supply center of hospital infection in priority sectors, such as surgical instruments, endoscopy and other invasive medical instruments disinfection and sterilization, hospital infection management must be in accordance with the measures relating to technical standards. Guarantee the quality and effectiveness of work to ensure patient safety.

Three, and full hospital of medical devices must concentrated in disinfection supply center cleaning, and sterilization, special Department as eye, and ear nasal throat section operating room, also must according to "operating room management specification" for management, shall not reduced management standard, surgery devices must all sent disinfection supply center cleaning, and sterilization, to guarantee devices cleaning sterilization quality, as continues to itself processing surgery devices will strictly held related personnel responsibility.

Four, not high pressure sterilization of medical devices used in medical procedures such as knife, wire, wire must be sent, such as sterilization and supply center, using low temperature plasma sterilizer for sterilizing, shall not continue to use the "formaldehyde fumigation box" fumigation. Found not complying with the requirements, strictly investigate the relevant personnel.