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Patient Care Equipment Simple, Labor-saving Efficiency Can Be Greatly Improved
Jul 21, 2017

To reduce the risk of the event, the use of clinical Patient Care Equipment, we must attach importance to strengthen the full risk awareness education, improve equipment maintenance and storage system, strengthen supervision and management. Establish and improve the safe use of the rules and regulations, to strengthen the use of equipment training.

With the rapid development of science, many new equipment, new technologies, new materials, new technology has been introduced into the nursing services,Patient Care Equipment so that the contents and methods of care services have changed dramatically. This makes many of the traditional care techniques more simple and effortless. Nurses work efficiency can be greatly improved. However, any new thing has its contradictory side, these nursing equipment and materials in clinical use there is also the risk of care, and there is a rising trend.

Quality of nursing equipment materials

Such as infusion regulator, chemotherapy pump, analgesic pump quality problems lead to the accuracy of the infusion rate is not high risk; ECG monitor is not easy to damage lead to vital signs monitoring and actual inconsistent; infant thermostat incubator actual temperature and display temperature difference ; Micro-pump, defibrillator battery power is insufficient or can not alarm; suction pressure or insufficient to attract; oxygen table flow can not be adjusted in the clinical use of the risk of the patient; the use of disposable diaper pad skin allergies; There is a crack caused by incomplete state, damage to the chest pressure balance may occur serious consequences.

The patient to adjust the infusion pump speed and oxygen flow, self-closing and removal of the monitor, links more equipment and pipelines lead to patient activity or acousto-optic stimulation affect the patient rest, the use of the instrument to increase the patient's economic costs,Patient Care Equipment easily lead to misunderstanding , The use of red light when the patient or family members to adjust their own light distance, may lead to burns and other accidents.

Nurses failed to promptly detect the existence of the problem, or failed to visit the ward regularly to observe the situation; the use of flat car is not pulled into the bed there is the risk of falling bed caused by patients; monitor electrode off a long time.

Nurses I do not know by the families found that infusion pump, syringe pump after adjusting the flow did not start; the use of dual-channel micro-pump injection, because the use of different drugs different speed, nurses mediation speed is not carefully observed on the direct mediation, prone to errors.

After use: failed to take the correct method of maintenance, not timely disinfection and charging, resulting in rescue or power failure can not be used normally. Such as the sphygmomanometer after the cuff is not replaced, did not check the oxygen mask function, oxygen bag is intact, oxygen pillow leak is not found.

The perfect system is to ensure the effective implementation of risk management, the development of operational equipment maintenance and custody system. The care unit with a device management implementation of the "four" principle, namely: the number of rated, positioning prevention and treatment,Patient Care Equipment responsible person, regular inspection. According to the requirements of different instruments on the cleaning and disinfection of the instrument, if the pollution in a timely manner, invasive instruments must be sterile treatment before use. Equipment and equipment to maintain good performance, the need for maintenance of the instrument "to be repaired, prohibited to use" logo at the same time timely repair, and transfer work, prepare alternatives.

For important instruments (defibrillators, ventilators, etc.) or more than 100,000 yuan equipment to be done: the establishment of "large equipment inspection record", record daily inspection, use and maintenance. General equipment (such as micro-pump, blood glucose meter, suction device, portable oxygen saturation meter, ECG machine, gastric lavage machine, etc.) daily check the number,Patient Care Equipment integrity and appearance of clean disinfection. Check the name and record every week. Rescue items must be complete and complete, with rescue vehicles, car parts marked clearly. Rescue items, equipment according to the unified provisions of the hospital placed. Do positioning, quantitative storage, will be kept, each class inspection, after use at any time to add. Rescue items are generally not borrowed to ensure emergency use. If you want to lend, you need to agree with the head, return must check the performance, confirmed intact, classified and in a state of emergency.