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Patient Care Equipment To Adhere To The Principle Of Convenient Patient
Jul 12, 2017

The hospital for the hospital environment and facilities, the highest demand for the top two hospitals have a clean and comfortable medical environment and medical equipment, advanced. Especially 31 to 50 years old, college and above the level of education of the hospital environment and equipment and facilities requirements are higher. Especially 31 years old to 40 years old, college or higher education level of the hospital environment and equipment and facilities requirements are higher. Therefore, in the hospital's construction layout,Patient Care Equipment to adhere to the principle of convenient patients, do a good job ward, outpatient, auxiliary space and its internal room set a reasonable layout. Infrastructure should be compatible with the hospital level, do a good job of people, financial, material and other health resources and reasonable configuration. And the patient's needs should cause the hospital managers to attach great importance.

Patients and their families came to the hospital, on the one hand want to be timely relief, on the other hand also very much hope that the acceptance and respect for health care workers. Health care workers and their timely transmission of information and communication in order to meet their needs for information and communication. But for a long time, health care workers in the treatment of the use of the patient is subject to the main "patriarchal" model, health care workers are more to explain the purpose of treatment,Patient Care Equipment very little to patients and their families to inform the risk of treatment and the need to cooperate The method, etc., once in the treatment of problems, families and patients because of not understand and easily lead to disputes or complaints. The study found that in the three needs of the hospital care service, the patient's treatment, inspection, cost and other information and communication needs higher, ranked in the top three is able to know how to be treated, to understand the various checks To be aware of what needs to be done now.

The overall quality of medical staff not only includes the quality of business, but also includes civilized language, service attitude, instrument dress and so on. Health care service attitude and image of the patient is the first impression of the hospital, the psychological known as the first effect, the first effect is the first impression of the mechanism, the first impression once established, the understanding of the subsequent information, the organization has Strong directional role, the individual's interpretation of the follow-up information is often based on the first impression to complete. Therefore, the attitude of health care workers, language,Patient Care Equipment dress and so on is essential for the stability of the patient. Medical staff dress is very important, dress neat, generous, stable can increase the trust of patients and their families, by the trust of health care workers can also be extended to the trust of the entire hospital.

In today's connected medical environment, an alarm and an alarm is issued every 90 seconds, 93% of which is triggered by events that do not require immediate attention. How does the hospital distinguish between an alarm and a life-threatening emergency?

In order to solve this problem, many hospitals are investing in alarm management software and using these systems with their zebra technology mobile computing devices. By using the advanced algorithms in the alarm management software, the system can transfer the display screen directly to the mobile computing device to indicate and determine the urgency of each alarm.

This integrated solution allows clinicians to make immediate attention to which alerts, and which alerts are less important to make informed, real-time decisions. Direct delivery of this real-time visibility to care points helps to ensure that appropriate responses are provided to the right patient at the right time.

The visualization solution we provide helps to identify the patient's identity correctly, which is the basis for strengthening patient safety and improving patient-centered care. Our technical solutions connect patients with their right medicines, laboratory results,Patient Care Equipment physicians and caregivers in a digital way throughout the hospital or in a medical facility. Real-time visibility into clinical workflows reduces the likelihood of errors and improves the prognosis of patients.