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The Significance Of Medical Equipment Maintenance And Repair Management
Nov 25, 2016

1) reduce failure period of depletion of incipient fault and failure rate, reduce the maintenance workload, thus reducing the running maintenance costs and reducing losses due to downtime and repair, plays a proactive role.

2) effective extension of random failure period of time, and extend equipment life.

3) to improve the application of the safety and quality of equipment, ensuring the safety of patients and users.

4) ensure that the equipment is in top working condition, improve equipment availability and maximize effectiveness.

5) reduction of personnel errors occur, and collect feedback in device use, and strengthen the quality of clinical equipment used. Collect feedback through the PM, you can improve the reliability and practicality of purchasing instruments. As one of the methods of medical engineering personnel training and PM improving the technical quality of medical engineering personnel, and personnel training to promote the sustainable development of the hospital building.

6) if managers, technicians and maintenance personnel and operators work still on the same level, it will lead to misuse and improper maintenance of the medical equipment, resulting in failure, repair time, delays with check, which could lead to outflows of reduction in social benefits and, ultimately, to the development of the whole hospital.