Camping Mattress

  • Self-inflating Camping Pad Mattress PX-CD03-10

    Self-inflating Camping Pad Mattress PX-CD03-10

    The great outdoors — the fresh smell of pine trees, majestic mountain views, flowing rivers, and meandering dirt paths through lush forests. Endless adventure awaits at every turn. Once darkness rolls in, though, a fitful toss-and-turn kind of night can kill the vibe. If you love camping, but dread camp sleeping, having the proper high-quality camp mattress can make a world of difference.

    PINXING Self-inflating camping mats offer the comfort of an inflatable mattress without the hassle of pumping air.

    It could be used for outdoor camping, field bed, car camping, etc.

  • Self-air Camping Mattress PX-CD03

    Self-air Camping Mattress PX-CD03

    The clothing of mattress is waterproof ,mildewproof and breathable.

    Size and color of mattress are customized.