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Hospital Ward Furniture

PINXING is one of the best selling hospital ward furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China. With excellent customized service and safe technical service strength, we aim to provide different groups of users with higher quality hospital ward furniture.
We're professional hospital ward furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China, supporting customized service. Should you be interested in hospital ward furniture, welcome to place orders with us.
Various kinds:
Children infusion chairs, medicine cabinet (Chinese and western medicine cabinet), function section office furniture (operating room. Lab.), advanced ward furniture (VIP room furniture, furniture of inspection section, oral room furniture, surgery, baby-friendly room furniture, furniture between pollution (classification garbage classification tank. Tank), supply center of furniture, medical condole ark, medical ground ark, locker room furniture (medical locker. Shoe ark), medical function, medical bed, medical beds. Check the bed. Bed. Escort accompanying chair), etc.
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