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Patient Care Equipment

PINXING is one of the best selling patient care equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. With excellent customized service and safe technical service strength, we aim to provide different groups of users with higher quality patient care equipment.
We believe that the so-called patient care equipment refers to human due to treatment, rehabilitation, health care, pension and other equipment and equipment needed for the nursing activity.
It can be divided into two categories: one, is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, family etc, used to assist in nursing the sick, the elderly, the disabled, children's equipment and devices; Equipment and implements used to help rehabilitate the sick, the elderly and the disabled Mattress for bedsores, electronic automatic hair washing, bath car,Car, etc.
Main products:
High Quality Stainless Shower Gurney Shower Bed With Mattress:
The Battery Operated Multi-Tasking Adjustable Shower Stretcher is designed with a side mounted column to overlap the patient’s bed or stretcher which provides an even surface that caregivers can have the patient slide across or roll over to get into the shower stretcher. The height of the stretcher is adjustable to cater to caregiver preference, and the stretcher can be tilted for easier access or to achieve Trendelenburg positioning.