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  • Product design guide

    Product design guide

    PINXING is a leader in the development of FIELD HOSPITAL, HOSPITAL BED,RELATED
    HOSPITAL FURNITURE EQUIPMENT. With over 26 years of experience in the field, we are on the frontline of the human-centered revolution in healthcare. Whether you’re developing a new device or looking to improve an existing one, PINXING has the experience to guide you through the design, engineering, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges unique to scientific and medical device development
  • Carbon Fiber Composites Processing Guide

    Carbon Fiber Composites Processing Guide

    Processing carbon fiber (CF) composites is a tricky business, considering most engineers thinking of producing or designing come from a background of designing metallic parts. it’s been called black aluminum, and its design and fabrication have been described as black art. What is it, really?

  • Blowing Processing Guide

    Blowing Processing Guide

    Choosing blow molding to bring your product to life is a great solution for mass-producing simple, effective designs without spending too much money. We have a talented team of trained professionals who can take your product from idea to reality. In short, we’ll work with you throughout the design and production processes to ensure that the end result is a product you can be proud of.